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JPHT yorozu Bottoms /ハタオリ ヨロズボトムス / BLACK

定価¥49,500 特価

JPHT yorozu Bottoms /ハタオリ ヨロズボトムス / BLACK

定価¥49,500 特価



ウエスト82cmから106cm  股上40cm 股下68cm ワタリ39cm 裾幅19.5cm



This is yorozu's original Jacquard. The entire surface is decorated with the brand's symbolic patterns. The meanings of each pattern are as follows: 1: to represent a bond that is so tightly bound that it cannot be untied; 2: a good luck charm to ward off evil; 3: good luck; 4: to bring good luck; 5: to bring good fortune; 6: to bring good luck; 7: to bring good luck; 8: to bring good fortune. Only 7 meters of this fabric can be woven per day. As it is made on a vintage loom, it is fine-tuned by our skilled craftsmen.

This item is limited to this online store only.

Waist 82cm to 106cm, inseam 40cm, inseam 68cm, width 39cm, hem width 19.5cm

Outer fabric: 100% cotton

Inner lining: 100% cotton