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kirihana gamaguchi / キリハナガマグチ / BLACK

定価¥26,400 特価

kirihana gamaguchi / キリハナガマグチ / BLACK

定価¥26,400 特価




幅:9.5cm  高さ:15.2cm  奥行き:21.5cm


While most of the gama-guchis distributed in Japan today are made overseas, this one is made in a downtown factory by a gama-guchi craftsman who has been making gama-guchis without any change. When you tie the leather strap to adjust the length, you can hang your glasses, key ring, etc. on the knot. There are four pockets in the interior of the main opening that can be used for dividing the bag into smaller compartments.

This bag is made of yorozu's original leather produced in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture. The leather is lightweight, soft, and pleasant to the touch. It is a mixed-tanning finish, which gives the leather durability while allowing it to age moderately. It can be used without hesitation.


The lining is made of Nigoshi-chirimen with Gosan-kiri pattern all over.

Width: 9.5cm Height: 15.2cm Depth: 21.5cm