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hataori kinchaku 30 / ハタオリ巾着 30 / BLACK

定価¥23,100 特価

hataori kinchaku 30 / ハタオリ巾着 30 / BLACK

定価¥23,100 特価






幅:23.5  高さ:28.5  奥行き:3.5


It was produced on a vintage loom that can weave only about 7 meters per day.

In addition to the yorozu pattern, there is a mizuhiki pattern (to express a bond that is tightly bound and cannot be untied) and a ume pattern (a lucky charm to ward off evil spirits in Japanese history, to overcome a harsh winter, and to bloom ahead of spring for good luck).

The color is similar to that of the original, so it is hardly noticeable, but depending on the light, it may appear to stand out. The material is also a material that you can enjoy the change as you use it.

The leather attached to the bag is made in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture. It is a mixed tanning finish, which gives the leather durability while allowing it to age moderately.

It can be used in two ways, as a drawstring bag or a shoulder bag.

Width: 23.5 cm Height: 28.5 cm Depth: 3.5 cm